10 activities you can set up in 5 mins or less

We all know how frustrating it is when you spend ages setting up an activity, but your kids get bored of it within what seems like 2 seconds!

That’s why we’ve put together a list of 10 activity ideas from our blog that are super quick to prepare.

No need to spend half the evening setting things up – just pull things quickly together when your kids are up, sit back and enjoy watching them spend WAY longer playing than it took you to get things ready.

We can’t guarantee they’ll be entertained all morning, but you’ll at least get to finish that mug of coffee – and that’s a big win in our eyes!

Check out this list of simple activity ideas:

1. Cardboard wall run

Grab some toilet paper rolls, child-safe scissors and masking tape – that’s it!

cardboard paper toilet roll ball run on a wall with pom poms

2. Marshmallow building

No marshmallows? Try this activity with cocktail sticks and whatever other soft foods you have in the house!

marshmallow building with spaghetti examples of models

3. Playdough counting

With just a dry wipe marker, smooth surface and some playdough, you can get your kids practising their numeracy AND fine motor skills.

playdough counting numeracy skills activity

4. Crayon rubbing art

We did this activity with leaves, but your kids could make crayon rubbings of pretty much anything they can find!

leaf crayon rubbing art activity

5. Surprise paper towel pictures

Your kids can send secret messages that ‘magically’ appear…with just paper towels, two kinds of pens and a dish filled with water.

secret paper towel messages that appear in water

6. Playdough building

We all love a bit of playdough! Combine it with lolly sticks for a fun engineering activity.

playdough and lolly or craft sticks building shapes and models

7. Caterpillar racing

Paper, scissors and a bit of folding will get you ‘caterpillars’ you can race.

caterpillar races with paper caterpillars

8. Paper building blocks

Bored of wooden blocks? Try paper ones – in three different shapes!

paper blocks in three different shapes for building

9. Recycled instruments

We made a tissue box guitar, but there’s no end to the fun and quirky instruments your kids can make when let loose on old boxes and bottles.

recycled instruments out of paper tissue boxes and elastic bands

10. Shaving cream rain clouds

A fun way to learn about the water cycle – your kids will love watching you make ‘rain’!

shaving foam rain clouds activity in action

 We hope your kids have fun with these super simple activities!

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