Baby Wipe Tie Dye

Create fun and colourful pictures in minutes! This STEAM activity only needs 3 household items and gives beautiful results straight away.

You will need: Baby wipes, washable markers, 3 elastic bands.

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Take the centre of a wet baby wipe (fresh out of the packet) and pinch it with your fingers. Pull all the sides down and twist the wipe into a sausage shape (see the video if these instructions aren’t clear!).

2. Secure in place with elastic bands.

3. Colour in using any colour washable pens you like. You want to try and get the colour to spread through the wipe as much as possible, so encourage your kids to really go over the same area several times in the same colour, and try to get in the folds a bit too.

4. Open out your baby wipe to reveal your tie dye art! Leave the wipe to dry.

How does it work?

Baby wipes contain lots of absorbent fibres with tiny holes in. Water loves to get climb inside these tiny holes and stay there, which makes wipes great at holding water. When you colour them, the water in the ink gets inside the baby wipes and works its way through the fibres using the tiny holes to travel. It takes the colour from the ink with it, spreading the colour through to other parts of the wipe that we didn’t colour in!

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