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22 Fun At Home Easter Activities For Kids

At SUPA STEM HQ, we love finding new activities to try as a family at Easter. There’s something so awesome about seeing kids get excited about doing fun Easter activities together.

We’re excited to share with you this list of Easter ideas for kids, including STEM Easter projects, family Easter games, Easter competition ideas, creative Easter play ideas and more.

All these Easter kids activities are social distancing-friendly and can be done during quarantine too. We’ve also made sure to only put low-budget or free Easter activities on our list, because we know how important it is to make every penny count when planning Easter games and activities to keep kids busy and learning during the holidays.

You’ll also find plenty of Easter activity ideas for a wide age range in this list too. Whether your little ones are toddlers, younger children or not-so-little teens, there’s sure to be something for them in this list.

children counting their eggs in one example of easter ideas for boys and girls at home

Check out the full list below! Whilst you’re here, don’t forget to pick up your copy of our exclusive activity ideas eBook for FREE too – you can grab it here.

22 Fun Easter Ideas

Here’s our list of Easter activities for children (with some creative Easter STEM projects and challenges thrown in too!):

1. Salt dough Easter decorations: Make beautiful hanging decorations out of salt dough. Check out our fool-proof recipe here.

2. Loose parts decorated eggs: Collect (or have your kids collect!) small items from around the house that could be used for decorating. Depending on what you think is safe for your child, these items might include dry pasta and pulses, beads, old coins, buttons etc. Have your kids make flat Easter eggs out of play dough and use the loose parts to decorate them.

3. Magic paper Easter egg hunt: Using a white crayon, draw eggs scattered around a piece of white paper (you can get kids to do this for each other). Kids then use watercolour paints to paint the paper and discover the eggs – which will ‘magically’ appear as they paint over them!

4. Frozen Easter eggs: Fill balloons with water and plastic animal toys. Freeze overnight and then challenge your kids to help the animals ‘hatch’ from their eggs ‘so they don’t miss Easter’. Kids will love exploring how warm water and salt can help melt ice faster. See this activity done with plastic dinosaurs (although not at Easter) here.

5. Easter egg symmetry painting: Draw a large egg on a piece of paper and fold the paper in half. Open it back out, and have your kids only paint one side of the egg. Fold the paper back over and gently press and pat down on it. Open it back up – the paint will have transferred to fill the other side of the egg too.

painting kids activity for easter

6. ‘Muddy’ sensory bin egg hunt: One of our favourite indoor Easter games. In a large container, mix up some taste-safe play mud (full recipe here) and hide small, wrapped Easter eggs inside. You can add some farmyard animal toys too, or other themed objects. Your kids can then race to find the eggs that have been ‘buried on the farm’! Once the ‘mud’ is washed off, they’ll be ready to eat.

7. Bouncy ‘naked’ eggs: Place a raw egg in a jar of vinegar and leave it for about 24 hours (check regularly). Once the shell has dissolved, carefully remove it. You’ll have a ‘naked’ egg which feels bouncy and will even bounce if you drop it from a low height! Add food colouring to the vinegar to give this STEM activity a colourful Easter twist.

egg dissolved in vinegar overnight to create a naked egg without a shell

8. Easter potato prints: Cut a roughly egg-shaped raw potato in half and carefully carve out a simple Easter egg pattern on the inside. Kids can then use it as a stamp for making potato prints with paint.

9. Easy egg maths:
 This is a fun way to help kids work on their maths during the Easter break. Using one half of a plastic egg (the kind that come apart into two halves) write sums in permanent marker. Then write the answer to each sum on the other side of the egg. Kids can then put the two halves together and rotate until they’ve matched up each sum with its correct answer.

10. Easter egg salt paintings:
 Use craft/PVA glue from a squeezy bottle to draw the outline of an egg on paper (with some simple decorations too). Allow to dry slightly, then pour salt over the top. Lift up and shake gently to allow excess salt to escape (catch it in a large tray to minimise mess!). Your kids can then use watercolour paints to add colour to the salt (simply touching the salt with the brush will transfer colour). Allow to dry completely.

Milk plastic Easter decorations:Use Easter-themed cookie cutters to make your own Easter decorations out of nothing but milk and vinegar (yes, really!). Just remember to poke a hole through for a ribbon before they dry. Instructions here.

12. Easter egg sensory guessing game:
 Fill plastic Easter eggs with small items of different textures and weights (secure with tape if necessary). Let your kids try to guess what is inside each one based on the weight of each egg and the sound they make when shaken. You could hide some treats in some of them too!

easter egg hunt stem activity idea

13. Bunny paper cup challenge: Decorate paper cups with bunny faces and challenge your kids to build the tallest paper cup tower they can – as quickly as they can.

14. Guess to win: Place Easter treats in a transparent container and have kids guess how many are in there (adults can join in too!). Closest wins.

15. ‘Surprise’ paper towel Easter cards: 
Use paper towels, permanent markers and washable felt tips to create double-layered Easter cards that will reveal an Easter message (or a secret colourful design) when added to water). See instructions here.

16. Fizzy Easter eggs:
 Mix food colouring, water and baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) together to make a thin paste. Paint hard-boiled eggs with this paste. Let your kids add vinegar to see a cool, fizzy reaction.

kid playing with eggs at easter activity idea

17. Sink or float: In this Easter STEM challenge, kids fill plastic eggs with different objects and try to guess if the egg will sink or float depending on the contents. Once they’ve explored this idea a bit, give your kids the same number of eggs each and challenge them to fill their eggs with items that will make them sink – add a time limit for extra challenge. Then have fun testing the eggs – whoever gets the most eggs to sink wins!

18. Shrinking and growing bunnies:
 If you’re looking for educational Easter projects for kids, this activity is for you. For this you’ll need some gummy sweets in the shape of Easter bunnies (it works with any gummy sweets though, of course!). Place the gummies in different containers – some in salt water, some in sugar water and some in plain water. Keep some aside to compare to also. The gummy sweets will gradually shrink or grow – leave them to one side and come back to check on them regularly.

19. Magical floating Easter decorations: On a dry, glossy plate or bowl, have your kids draw Easter objects (chicks, eggs, bunnies etc.). Gently add water to see their creations ‘escape’ and start floating around the container. This one is amazing when it works but can be a little hit-and-miss – so try several different containers (make sure they are completely dry and very smooth) if you have trouble getting this one to work. Full instructions (and a video example) here.

20. Coding eggs: Using a copy of the 8-bit binary code alphabet (you know, all those 0s and 1s), have kids ‘write’ their name in code with felt tips on a paper Easter egg (one letter per line). They can create a key rather than just writing 0s and 1s (e.g. red = 0, pink = 1). You can get the binary code alphabet from a quick Google search, or in our free STEM activity eBook.

21. Colourful egg carton building blocks: Remove the lid and cut the base of an egg box into its individual sections. Have your kids paint them with Easter decorations (or in different fun colours) and, once dry, use them as blocks to build with.

22. Spaghetti and marshmallow hen houses: All the new baby chicks need somewhere to sleep! Using dry spaghetti and marshmallows, have your kids design and build them a hen house to live in. Small marshmallows work well but any will do. You can see examples of marshmallow and spaghetti structures and shapes here.

easter eggs different colours

We hope your kids have fun with these Easter activities for families! Whether you’re looking for quarantine Easter ideas, at home Easter ideas for a rainy day, Easter craft and DIY projects or another fun idea for keeping your kids entertained (and learning) over Easter, we hope you’ve found some great ideas from this list.

Happy Easter!