Caterpillar Activity

Make this racing caterpillar paper craft in minutes and keep your little ones entertained for hours!

1. Fold a strip of paper into 8 equal sections lengthwise.

2. Trim the edges with scissors to round them into more of a caterpillar shape.

3. Draw a face on one end (optional)!

4. Sit your ‘caterpillar’ on a flat surface like a table, with the section at each end fully in contact with the table. You want the caterpillar to be curved so that most of it is not touching the table.

5. Use a straw to blow on the caterpillar. You want to direct your breath onto the second or third section and angle it downwards and slightly in the direction you want the caterpillar to go. 

6. Now see how quickly you can get your caterpillar to wriggle across the table! Remember – it doesn’t count if the caterpillar just slides along. You should be able to see its body flatten and then raise up as it is pushed along with each breath.