Paper Snowflake

Make beautiful snowflake decorations in minutes in this classic activity!

Remember this activity? I loved making folding paper snowflakes when I was younger, and they’re still a pretty awesome activity to do at Christmastime with kids.

This snowflake decorations DIY project is easy to set up, pretty mess-free and can be adapted for younger kids too (if they’re old enough to use child-safe scissors, they’re old enough to make their own folding paper snowflakes!).

Making snowflakes with paper and scissors is a festive way to explore the mathematical concept of symmetry, and is also a great STEM activity for developing logical thinking and planning skills. 

To see how we made our own simple but beautiful decorations, check out our steps to make a paper snowflake below:


All you need for snowflake making with paper is:

  • paper (white or blue work best)
  • a compass or bowl to draw around
  • pencil
  • scissors

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To make your own folded paper snowflakes:

1. Use a compass to draw a circle on a piece of paper (or trace around a circular object like a bowl). You can also make snowflakes out of square pieces of paper, but we like using this as an opportunity to practise using a compass :).

Making a snowflake out of paper step 1 cut a circle out of paper

2. Cut out the circle and fold it in half 3 or 4 times. The more times it is folded, the more complicated the design you’ll be able to make, but it will also be harder to cut too. Younger children may find bigger circles easier to fold and less fiddly to cut. 

Making a snowflake out of paper step 2 fold the paper into 3 or 4

3. Cut carefully into your folded paper. Only cut away small sections at a time and be careful not to cut too much into one side. You can regularly check how your snowflake is coming along by unfolding and refolding it as you go.

Making a snowflake out of paper step 3 cut into your piece of folded paper

4. Unfold your paper snowflake and enjoy – you’ve made easy snowflakes out of paper!

Making a snowflake out of paper step 4 open out the folded paper to see your snowflake
snowflake folding DIY activity for making folding paper snowflakes decorations

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