Salt Dough Stars Activity

Create lasting ornaments with this easy salt dough recipe!

Have you ever tried any salt dough crafts with your little ones? We always have so much fun making simple salt dough ornaments and decorations in our house at Christmas. We’ve tried lots of different combinations, and this is the best salt dough recipe we’ve used!

Your kids can have fun making salt dough Christmas ornaments with this recipe, but it’s equally brilliant for making salt dough handprints, Easter ornaments and any other salt dough decorations.

Not only is this simple salt dough recipe for kids super easy to follow, but there are also multiple ways to dry the dough – which means you won’t need to worry about little fingers getting burned.

We recently had a free afternoon to fill on a rainy day, so we whipped up some of this homemade salt dough and made some stars to use as salt dough Christmas tree ornaments. It was such a big hit that we’ll be using this recipe again soon to make some special personalised birthday gifts.

best salt dough ornament recipe to make salt dough stars for Christmas

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To make your own homemade salt dough ornaments you will need:
2 cups plain flour
1 cup salt
1/2 cup water

Or you can make up smaller or larger amounts using a ratio of 2 parts flour to 1 part salt and 0.5 parts water.

salt dough activities recipe for ornaments and decorations - two salt dough stars on a plain background

Here’s the rundown on this easy salt dough ornament recipe!

1. To make your own salt dough ornaments for Christmas (or any other time of year!), simply add the flour and salt to a bowl and mix well.

2. Add the water and knead into a dough. If it’s still quite crumbly, you can add small amounts of water until you have a nice big ball of dough to work with.

3. Roll out your dough on a flat surface. You can sprinkle a little bit of flour first to stop it from sticking.

4. Use cutters or your hands to mould some shapes. You can also gently press your palms into the dough to make handprints.

5. Once your designs are completed, bake them in the oven on a low heat and check regularly. You really just want them to dry out, so don’t use a high heat as they are more likely to puff up, lose their shape and burn.

If you don’t want to use an oven, it’s possible to microwave salt dough in 10 second bursts until you think they’ve dried out enough, or leave them to air dry. Air drying will take several days, and it’s best to leave your creations in a warm, sunny spot by the window.

Once your salt dough decorations have dried, you can decorate them using paint, glitter, marker pens and so on – whatever works best for your salt dough projects!

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Thank you to Louise from Messy Little Monster for the original inspiration for this salt dough activity!