Free blank hand template and feet templates pack

Looking for a fun activity to do with your kids? Why not try using some foot and hand templates?

No need to search endlessly online or make a purchase! These printables are perfect for kids’ crafts, and they’re free to download.

We have a variety of different designs available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Simply download the file, print it out, and get started!

This foot and hand print template resource and other printables for kids can be found inside the secret vault on our website. Just join our FREE club via the form below to gain instant access!

free hand and feet printables pdf pack

How to use cut out hand templates and feet templates

This collection of feet and hand templates can be used for so many different activities.

These free downloadable printables are ideal for use by parents and teachers in the classroom or at home for a wide variety of creative projects.

You may have a specific idea in mind for this blank hand template and feet template pack, but even if you don’t make sure you download it now so you can use it later when inspiration strikes!

Our top suggestions for using these feet and hand template printables

Here’s a list of just a few of our favourite activity and craft ideas that you would need feet and handprint templates for:

  • classroom display celebrating every child in the class (perfect for bulletin boards)
  • An art project such as a seasonal wreath or hanging mobile (kids color or paint, decorate and glue together – easy!)
  • Creative homemade cards and gifts that friends and family are sure to treasure (a thoughtful surprise for mum or dad)
  • To support a lesson plan exploring personal identity for children
  • A getting-to-know-you icebreaker task for students t help them talk or write about themselves
  • To create a cute pattern that can be traced or copied for displays
  • template that children can use to draw on and colour or even fill with stickers (ours love using them to pretend they are painting nails!)
  • An opportunity to learn about the human body and basic anatomy
  • An ‘all about me’ rainy day holiday activity
  • Wall displays for home learning
  • A range of other fun and educational games

What’s included in this feet and hand templates PDF?

This printable hand template activity pack is a PDF file that you can easily download and open on your desktop computer, laptop or other chosen device (including mobiles and tablets).

Any standard internet browser should be able to open the file.

You can save this clipart picture download and use it as many times as you like for your own personal use (not commercial).

Inside the PDF foot and handprints templates bundle you’ll find:

  • A full-colour front title page and back cover
  • 10 pages of blank hand template and feet template outlines

Each page features a different size of blank foot or hand print template so you can choose the size and style that best suits your planned activity.

You can then simply print either the whole printables pack or only the foot/finger/thumb/hand outline you want to use.

Some of the pages feature an individual foot or hand outline, and others include a clip art image of a pair of left hand and right hands/feet.

Varying sizes are included, such as multiple little hands or larger full-page hand print and foot outline drawings.

Once you’ve opened the foot and hand print template file, printing a copy whenever you need to is easy!

cut out hand and foot outline printables

How to get this PDF and other free resources for children

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