Moon Phases Free Printable

Explore the lunar phases with this fun moon phases worksheet PDF

Looking for a fun way to teach kids about the phases of the moon?

Check out this free phases of the moon activity pack!

This unique and 100% free printable pack includes 8 pages of activities designed to help kids explore the phases of the moon in a fun and engaging way.

Whether you’re an educator looking for resources for the kids you teach, or a parent wanting to help your kids learn about this exciting topic at home, this printable pack is perfect for you!

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What is inside this phases of the moon printable pack?

Once you download our free printable worksheet pack, you’ll instantly be able to access 8 pages of kids’ learning worksheets based on the topic of the lunar cycle.

At the start of the pack is a super engaging full-colour front cover which will really help to get kids excited about the work they are going to do.

All the activity worksheets within the pack themselves are in black and white for ease of use and to keep costs down if you are wanting to print the pages.

You can also choose to skip printing the front cover or print it in black and white if you prefer.

Each page of this pack for young learners features clear and simple instructions so that kids can work through it independently if preferred.

Wondering what exactly is on each page of this moon coloring page and worksheet bundle?

Read on to find out more!

moon phases pdf worksheet and coloring sheet

A simple moon phases drawing & coloring pages

On the first page of this activity pack you’ll find a moon phases illustration that doubles as a moon coloring sheet.

The easy-to-understand diagram presents the different phases of the moon in our solar system in a simple way that kids of all ages can grasp.

It includes the location of Earth and the sun in relation to our moon.

This moon coloring page also includes all the names of the moon’s own phases in the correct order.

Kids will be able to clearly see the appearance of the moon at various phases, including waxing gibbous, waxing crescent, new moon, waning crescent, waning gibbous and full moon.

A fun phase of the moon coloring sheet

The second page of this coloring, writing and reading pack presents another simple drawing of the moon phases.

This focuses on the moon’s orbit around Earth and also includes some fun space-themed illustrations for young learners to color.

This includes a rocket, satellite and more.

The second page of our free moon coloring pages and learning resources pack is also perfect for kids to use as a revision and memorisation aid before a big test.

We think it would make a great wall display for classrooms or bedroom poster too! Simply print (and enlarge if you prefer), let kids add colour using paints or marker pens and then proudly display wherever you please!

A simple moon coloring pages activity worksheet

On this page of the download you’ll find a blank version of the diagram from page 2.

Everything is included except for the shape of each moon phase, which is represented only by a line drawing.

To create the full illustration, kids can colour in the lunar phases.

This is a good opportunity for them to test how well they know the different phases, but they can also simply refer back to the previous page in the pack too.

A moon phases worksheet PDF writing resource

The next page of this coloring page and worksheets pack gives another opportunity for kids to practise and test their knowledge of the phases of the moon.

This time, they simply need to add the names of the phases as the moon orbits earth in the correct order as they should appear in the picture.

This can help children learn to read and write the names of the phases of the moon, which can be pretty tricky to spell and remember!

A more challenging drawing moon phases worksheet

Page 6 of this free moon phases printables bundle features a worksheet that has two separate elements for children to do.

This time, both the name and shape of each of the phases of the moon are missing!

Children will need to write the names and draw the shapes, which they can then colour in if they prefer.

If kids do happen to forget the spelling of any of the words they need, they can find them by taking a look back at the work they’ve already completed.

A cut and paste / matching moon phases section

The next two pages of our phases of the moon learning support pack can be used in a couple of different ways.

The first page features the shapes of the moon phases for kids to name, but they appear out of order!

This helps children to develop their understanding of each phase of the moon without being able to follow the simple order of it getting ‘bigger’ or ‘smaller’.

The second page in this section features all the names of the moon phases without the shapes, and again they are in the wrong order.

Because these pages are printable and can be printed single-sided, they would also be suitable for use as part of a cut and paste / cut and stick activity for preschool / pre-k children and students who are tactile learners.

Simply give kids time to cut out the names and shapes on each sheet, then match them to each other to create the moon phases cycle.

A phases of the moon unit study checklist

The last page of this phases of the moon activity pack includes a useful knowledge checklist printable.

It allows each child in a class or home setting to assess and celebrate their own learning on this topic.

It includes a space for the student’s name and four ‘I can’ statements for them to check based on their understanding of the topic of the different phases of the moon.

Using this phases of the moon pack in schools

If you’re a classroom teacher or work with children in an educational setting, you might be looking for simple but fun ways to help kids explore the common science topic of the different phases of the moon.

This resource is ideal as a moon phases worksheet for middle school students as it can be tailored to older and more confident children too.

Some ways to add an extra level of challenge to each activity include:

  • Using a single page as a quick surprise test at the start or end of a lesson
  • Having pupils race to see who can complete the pack (or individual pages) the quickest
  • Skipping straight to the more challenging sections, such as where kids have to both write and draw the moon sections
  • Testing them with the last two sections, where they don’t have the order of the phases to rely on when recalling the names and shapes.

Using our lunar phases worksheet pack at home

Because of its simple design and layout, kids can also easily work through this pack independently or with family members at home. 

If you’re looking for a rainy day or calming activity then these worksheets and coloring pages are ideal. 

All the key information about the lunar cycle is included within the worksheets themselves so you don’t need to have any expert knowledge about the subject at all. 

Just print and let your kids enjoy!

Using this phases of the moon pack with young learners

If you have little ones about who love to colour, then we think they’d adore this moon coloring page bundle.

Whether or not they are ready to complete the more challenging sections of the pack, younger children in any grade or school year are sure to enjoy completing each coloring page.

Other ways to use this resource in schools

Although its most obvious use would be as part of lesson plans for science lessons, there are plenty of other ways to use this phases of the moon worksheets printables bundle.

Check out a few of our suggestions for inspiration:

  • As part of an astronomy club for students interested learning about in the night sky
  • To develop students’ critical thinking, problem-solving and recall skills as part of math or language arts lessons
  • To help students develop their fine motor skills by coloring, copying, cutting and pasting
  • To celebrate kids’ achievements by using the phases of the moon coloring pages and/or checklist as classroom or bedroom displays.

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