Create frozen dinosaur eggs in two easy steps for a dino egg hatching activity your kids will love!

Do you have any little ones at home who are keen on dinosaur activities?

These frozen kids dinosaur eggs are so simple to make and are awesome for dinosaur party activities, dinosaur-themed STEM science experiments and low-budget sensory play ideas.

We were so excited to partner with Ashley from Teach Them Little to share this awesome dinosaur project for kids with you.

Ashley kindly shared with us some footage of her lovely little ones having fun racing to melt their frozen dinosaur eggs so they could set the dinosaurs free! They were so engaged in this sensory activity and had a great time exploring different ways to melt the eggs.


This dinosaur ice activity is so simple that all you need is:

  • balloons
  • water
  • plastic dinosaur toys (or any other plastic toys)
  • access to a freezer
frozen dinosaur eggs activity instructions

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To create these ice dinosaur eggs, all you need to do is:
1. Take a balloon and fill it with water.
2. Add a dinosaur toy or another plastic toy of your choice.
3. Tie up the balloon and place it in the freezer overnight.
4. Play!

You could use these fun dino eggs for a range of activities:

  • water play activities
  • science activities for kids
  • STEM lessons for kids
  • dinosaur games for kids at a party

And more!Check out the video above to see Ashley’s little ones learning all about the properties of ice through this dinosaur egg balloon activity.

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Thanks again to Ashley from Teach Them Little for sharing this wonderful dino eggs DIY activity with us!