Have endless fun with this taste safe kids mud recipe!

There’s something so satisfying about messy sensory play and particularly mud play – it’s no wonder that kids playing with mud always get so excited!

That’s why we are so pleased to share this contribution from our friend Debbie at Our Messy Days! She’s perfected a DIY mud recipe which is taste-safe and perfect for mud play in the early years and beyond.

diy car wash and soapy water sensory play activity

Not only is play mud excellent for sensory motor skills activities, but it can be a really fun way to explore science principles like how soap makes things clean, maths topics like ratios and so on – which makes it surprisingly great for older children too!

Debbie at Our Messy Days’ little one had a great time playing with the sensory mud and then washing his cars clean in soapy water.

You could use this homemade mud for all kind of activities, including:
– A mud sensory bin or tuff tray setup
– Any number of DIY mud kitchen ideas
– Getting toy animals, cars, superhero figures, dinosaurs, child-safe kitchen equipment etc. all ‘dirty’ before washing it clean

And lots more!

Muddy sensory play activity and kid playing in water


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All you need to for this kids activity mud is:

instructions and ingredients for diy play mud recipe
2tbsp Milo or Nesquik
2tbsp Flour
4tbsp Breadcrumbs
1tsp instant coffee granules
1/4 cup tap water

You can increase the amount depending on how much mud you want to make (our recipe will make enough for a small fake mud sensory play setup as pictured).

sensory play with mud and water for younger and older children

This homemade mud is taste-safe but it does contain coffee and flour so is not intended to be deliberately eaten. If you have babies, toddlers and younger children at home who you know won’t be able to resist eating some, you can use decaffeinated coffee granules and bake the flour in the oven for peace of mind.


For this mud kitchen DIY activity (or whatever you intend to use this play mud for), all you need is to mix the ingredients listed above and set it out for your kids to play with!

Muddy play activity setup with a car wash, soapy water and a brush

We recommend putting an old sheet down or playing with your homemade mud kitchen outside for an easier clear-up.

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Thanks to Debbie at Our Messy Days for this activity idea!

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