How to make chia seed slime at home

how to make slime with chia seeds and cornflour at home

Making chia seed edible slime

We love finding new sensory activities to try at home, especially because they’re a great opportunity to explore major STEM concepts too (solids, liquids, non-Newtonian substances and so on).

Our latest obsession is this chia seed slime DIY activity by Kristy from Mom Boys and Toys

We couldn’t believe how easy this recipe is to follow, and the results are amazing!

Kristy’s boys had so much fun playing with their chia seed slime, and Kristy says it cleaned up pretty easily too.

Chia seed slime ingredients

All you need to make your own chia seed edible slime is:

  •  1/4 cup of chia seeds
  •  1 3/4 cups of water
  •  Food colouring
  • Corn starch (also called cornflour)
quick and easy slime recipe with chia seeds

Chia seed slime instructions:

Here’s Kristy’s simple chia slime recipe:

1. Mix the chia seeds, water and food colouring together.

2. Leave the mixture in the fridge overnight.

3. Take out of the fridge and add about 1/2 cup corn starch (cornflour). Mix well and the mixture will start to take on the consistency of slime. You can keep adding more corn starch if necessary to get the texture you want.

4. You should now have some fun slime which is perfect for chia seed sensory play! 

*Note: Although this chia seed slime recipe is technically edible, we’d consider it more taste-safe. Supervise closely if you have little ones who like to mouth things. We recommend you don’t allow your kids to deliberately eat it!*

chia seed and cornflour slime recipe instructions

What’s with chia seed goop? What is it?

Chia seed sensory play is always a hit because chia seeds have such an interesting texture when mixed with water. 

Chia seeds absorb huge amounts of water, and basically act like little sponges. They have a lot of a certain kind of fibre in them called mucilage, and this is what makes them so good at sucking up lots of water.

The reason they are like this is so that they can absorb lots of water and hold it in place around the seed. This helps the seed to germinate (sprout) and the plant to grow.

Corn starch is an amazing substance because it can change the properties of liquids so that they no longer behave like normal liquids. Add some corn starch to water and you’ll see what we mean!

chia seed corn starch slime ingredients

If your kids are fans of messy sensory play, we think they’ll like this taste-safe play mud recipe.

Thanks Kristy from Mom Boys Toys for this amazing activity idea! You can explore more of Kristy’s play activities here.