Shaving Foam Fireworks Activity

This printing activity is a great way to capture the fun and colour of fireworks in your own home!

We love finding new shaving foam activities, because shaving cream crafts and sensory shaving cream play are always a big hit in our home.

Even better when we can tie it in with one of our favourite times of year! We always look for Bonfire Night activity ideas and crafts that are safe, creative and can be easily done at home.

This shaving cream sensory activity ticks all of those boxes – but it works just as well at any other time of year.

Kids’ shaving cream activities like this one are great for fine motor skills and exploring textures, but they are also perfect for exploring STEM and STEAM principles like properties of different materials, colour theory including colour mixing, and absorption.

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Fireworks prints made from shaving foam or cream - a Bonfire Night or New Year's Eve activity for kids

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For this fireworks-themed shaving cream fun you will need:
Shaving foam
Food dye or paints
Waterproof container
Ruler or small but thick piece of cardboard
Paper towels
Paper or card


Here’s how to set up this shaving cream sensory play and print your own fireworks art!

1. Fill a bowl with a shallow layer of shaving foam. Use the ruler or thick card to even out the surface a bit.

Shaving foam being added to a container for this shaving foam fireworks activity

2. Add drops of food dye or paint and use toothpicks to drag the colour and create the firework shapes.

Food colouring or paints being added to the shaving foam - step 2 of this shaving cream craft activity.

3. Once you’re happy with the fireworks you’ve created, gently place a piece of paper or card on top.

Fireworks in shaving foam made out of food colouring and toothpicks - next step in this bonfire night activity for kids

4. Tap the card/paper gently all over and leave it a few minutes to absorb the colour.

Paper or card laid on top of the shaving cream fireworks to create art prints - easy craft idea for fireworks night

5. Carefully remove the card/paper and use a ruler or thick piece of card and paper towels to gently scrape off the excess foam. You will now have a fireworks print! Leave to dry.

Print made from shaving foam and food colouring - easy craft activity idea for children

We hope your kids have lots of fun with this shaving cream paint craft!

Shaving foam fireworks printing arts and crafts activity for kids on Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night or New Year's Eve

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Thank you to I can Teach my Child for this fun activity idea!