Leaf Painting

At SUPA STEM we love finding ways to combine art and science – so we think this fun leaf painting activity is a real winner!

Leaf painting is a great way for kids to learn about why plants have leaves, and the finished artwork is beautiful!

This activity was shared with us by Maira from KidsnKraft. You can find more of her awesome art activities here.

leaf painting art activity at home materials list


Here’s all you need to do this easy leaf painting art activity at home:

  • Leaves – if you can, take your kids out for a walk to collect some. The more variety and texture, the better!
  • Paint and brushes
  • White card stock

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leaf painting activity instruction steps


Here’s how to do this leaf painting activity at home:

1. Apply a generous amount of paint to your leaf. Use a few different colors to blend colors to the leaf impression.

2. Just add enough water to the paint when you apply to the leaf.

3. Press firmly onto your card stock, making sure to rub and press every part of your leaf.

4. Help your child arrange leaves on the paper so it looks exactly how they want it to.

5. Step back and enjoy the results!

leaf painting activity instructions at home for kids

Questions for Kids

Here are some questions you can use to help your kids explore and discover more about plants through this activity:

  • What do all the leaves have in common? What differences do they have?
  • Leaves have something called veins. Can you see any veins on your leaves? What do you think they do?

Leaves use their veins to transport food (glucose) and water around the plant. Leaves use the energy from sunlight to make food for the plant.

leaf painting for toddlers and kids at home

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leaf rubbing art activity stem activity idea for kids

Thank you Maira from KidsnKraft for this simple and creative leaf painting activity! You can find more KidsnKraft activity ideas here.