Magnet tiles (also called magnetic tiles or magnetic building blocks) are a fun and creative way to teach your children about shapes, colors, and counting. They can also be used for a variety of other purposes, such as playing games.

Kids love to build different models with their magnetic tiles, but sometimes they might need a little bit of inspiration.

That’s why we’re sharing 50+ awesome things to build with magnetic tiles!

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magnet tiles ideas

What kinds of magnetic tiles ideas are included?

We’ve included a range of things to build with magnetic tiles, including geometric shapes, vehicles, animals and other creative designs.

Some of the ideas are super simple, and others are a little more challenging.

If your kids would like to try to make all these creations, we recommend starting with some of the simpler ones – especially if they are new to building with magnetic blocks.

Once they are more confident, they can always move on to some of the more challenging structures!

How many magnetic tiles do you need for these models?

Some of these magnetic building blocks ideas use only a small number of tiles and will be suitable for those with a very small collection.

All of the models in this mega magnet tile ideas list can be made with a 60 piece set like this one.

magnetic building tiles ideas

50+ Cool things to build with magnetic tiles

To make it easier to look through this massive collection of magnet tile designs, we’ve put them into categories for you.

You’ll find separate sections for geometric forms, buildings, animals, transport, numbers and other creative ideas.

We’ve also included both 2D and 3D magnet tile building ideas too.

Younger children will love copying the 2D designs as a fun activity that develops their fine motor skills, shape recognition and more.

3D models are an awesome challenge for more confident and/or older children too.

Number-themed magnetic building tiles ideas

Let’s start off this guide to magnet tile designs with some number-themed ones.

Bear in mind that letters work just as well. Creating 2D letters and numbers with magnetic tiles can be a really great way for kids to practise recognising and producing these important symbols.

  1. The number 0
magnet tiles ideas for kids

2. The number 1

cool things to do with magnetic building blocks

3. The number 2

50 magnet tiles ideas for kids

4. The number 3

what to do with magnet toys for kids
5. The number 4

best magnetic tiles for kids ideas
6. The number 5

magnetic tiles designs ideas
7. The number 6

magnetic tiles shapes designs
8. The number 7

best magnetic tiles for kids designs
9. The number 8

things to do with magnetic tiles
10. The number 9

what to do with magnetic building blocks for kids

Geometric magnetic tiles shapes

There’s really an unlimited number of geometric forms that can be made with magnetic tiles (both 2D and 3D).

Here are a few examples to get you started.

11. 4-Point star (2D)

50+ magnetic tiles shapes

12. Hexagon (2D)

magnetic tiles geometric shapes

13. Large triangle

Magnet tile building ideas

14. Rhombus

Magnetic building blocks ideas

15. Small triangle

50 cool things to build with magnetic tiles

16. 4-Point star (3D)

magnetic tiles shapes ideas

17. Cube

magnetic tiles shapes

18. Cuboid

magnetic tiles building ideas

19. Diamond

ideas for magnetic blocks for kids

20. Heart (3D)

how to make a heart with magnetic tiles

21. Hexagon

best magnetic blocks ideas

22. Large cube

magnet blocks for kids

23. Pyramid

magnetic building blocks instructions

Animal-themed magnetic building tiles ideas

Cute, cuddly or creepy – animals are always a fun magnet tile model idea.

Take a look at these models that are suitable for both younger and older kids.

You can also set older kids the challenge of seeing if they can make 3D versions too!

24. Bird (2D)

Magnetic tile animals

25. Snail (2D)

magnetic blocks animals

26. Whale (2D)

animal magnetic building blocks

Magnetic blocks buildings ideas

The 3D structures in this list can be used to house your kids’ favourite toy figures for hours of fun!

27. 2-Storey house

how to make a magnetic house

28. Castle (2D)

magnetic tiles house

29. House (2D)

magnet tiles house

30. Little house (2D)

magnet tile house

31. Windmill (2D)

magnetic blocks house

32. 3-Storey house

magnet house toy for kids

33. Barn

how to make a magnetic house for kids

34. Bridge

cool things to build with your magnetic tiles

35. Tower

magnet tile building ideas

36. Train station

magnetic tiles trains

Transport or vehicle-themed magnet tile ideas

The 2D models in this section of our list are super cute and fun to make, but we can’t resist adding wheels to the 3D creations to get them moving too!

Just make sure whichever set you purchase includes magnetic wheel bases.

37. Boat (2D)

magnet tiles designs

38. Plane (2D)

best magnetic building tiles ideas

39. Rocket (2D)

what to build with magnet blocks

40. Rocket 2 (2D)

magnetic blocks creative designs

41. Car

magnetic tiles car

42. Jet plane

how to make a plane out of magnetic tiles

43. Train

magnetic shapes ideas

More awesome magnetic tiles designs

44. Flower with stem (2D)

what to make with magnetic tiles

45. Flower (2D)

how to build with magnetic blocks

46. Ice cream (2D)

cool things to do with magnetic tiles

47. Robot (2D)

magnet block instructions

48. Fir tree

magnetic blocks instructions

49. Rocket (3D)

magnetic tiles rocket

50. Tent

what to build with magnet toys

51. Slide

how to build with magnetic blocks

52. Heart (2D)

best magnet tiles designs

Other ideas for kids playing with magnetic building blocks toys

In this blog we’ve focused on sharing our favourite designs to build with magnetic tiles.

However, there are tons more ways to play with this amazing toy!

Check out this quick list of some of our top fun activities with magnetic tiles:

  • Place tiles on a sheet of paper (large or even a convenient card size work well) and trace around them to make shape recognition puzzles for kids to complete
  • Place the tiles on a light box, light table or against a brightly lit window on a sunny day – the effect is stunning!
  • Create geometric patterns that make an awesome temporary display (seasonal versions for Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter etc. can work great too, and can be quickly packed away once you no longer use them!)
  • Use magnetic tiles as a math centre activity – for example, you can measure, count, sort them and more.
  • Play with magnetic tiles alongside other toys to maximise opportunities for open-ended play. For example, make doll furniture for your kids’ dolls, or castles, houses and garages for their favourite toy figures and cars.
  • Harness your kids’ imagination in competitive games where they have to race to build the most creative models.
  • Hide tiles around the house and have your kids search for them. You can also have kids use them to make a specific model at the end (just make sure you collect up all the tiles at the end to make sure none are left lying about unsupervised).

What are the best magnetic tiles to buy?

Magnetic building blocks are exciting, engaging, versatile and guaranteed to inspire kids of all ages.

Just make sure that the set you purchase is high-quality and safety-tested. The last thing you want is for the tiles to break halfway through playing with them in their room or at school!

We’ve put together this helpful guide for parents and educators: The best magnetic tiles for kids: what to look for when buying.

If you’re thinking of buying your first set or want to expand your existing collection, make sure you read this first.

We hope this collection of over 50 things to build with magnetic blocks helps inspire your kids to have even more fun with their tiles.

Make sure you share this list with friends and family so they can have even more fun too!