There’s a reason square and triangle magnet toys are so popular – there’s so much you can do with them!

At SUPA STEM, we love finding new ways to have fun with our Magnet Builders. With any set of magnetic shape blocks, there are literally hundreds of things you can build.

In general, we find our own kids can happily play and come up with their own creations for hours and hours (giving us plenty of time for a nice cup of coffee…or to join in and get creative ourselves!). 

However, sometimes kids can need a little bit of inspiration to get their creative juices flowing.

That’s why we’ve put together this mega list of 63 magnetic block ideas that your kids will absolutely love! Check them out and be sure to bookmark this page to come back to whenever you need it.

boy with rocket showing magnetic building blocks ideas

63 Fun things to build with magnetic blocks 

When it comes to any building blocks toys, having more pieces obviously allows kids to build bigger and more complex structures. If you currently have a smaller starter set at home, you might want to expand it to widen the possibilities.

Whichever magnetic kids blocks you currently have, just make sure that when it comes to purchasing more you opt for shapes that are compatible with all the major brands.

Whether you already have a bunch of magnetic squares and triangles at home or you’re just starting your collection, there are plenty of model building ideas here for sets both large and small!

We’ve also organised them by theme so you can quickly locate the designs you think your kids will love best.

Need more help? Check out our mega playlist of 50 magnetic building blocks instructions videos and watch amazing magnetic block creations appear before your eyes!

Here’s one of our faves:

Animal-themed magnetic blocks designs

If you’ve got animal-loving kids at home, they’ll love giving these ideas a go. 

From sea to jungle to farm animals, there’s something here for everyone!

1. Tortoise 

The cute little tail on this tortoise really adds a finishing touch!

tortoise magnet block ideas example

2. Big fish

Create a colourful ocean fish using just triangles and squares.

Big fish made of kids magnetic blocks

3. Snail

Two hexagons made out of triangles are the key to this build.

snail example magnetic building block ideas

4. Robot dog

Okay, so we just wanted to give one of our favourite animals wheels…but the end result is pretty cool, right?

robot dog magnet block ideas

5. Terrier dog 

This little pooch is a great model idea for smaller magnetic shape sets.

Terrier dog example magnetic block designs

6. Fox

Magnet triangles make perfect pointy fox ears!

Fox magnetic blocks instructions

7. Pig 

Play around with your fox model a bit and you get…a pig!

Pig made of stem magnetic blocks

8. Lamb

Some cool engineering means that your magnetic blocks lamb should stay perfectly balanced on their pointy legs!

Lamb made from magnet builders

9. Small fish 

A fun option if you have a smaller selection of pieces to work with.

Small fish example of building with magnets

10. Butterfly 

This super cute butterfly is guaranteed to impress!

Butterfly example of things to build with magnetic blocks

11. Squid

Another fun marine animal to make with your magnetic toy blocks.

Squid example of magnetic kids blocks ideas

12. Sausage dog 

If two dog model building ideas weren’t enough, here’s another one!

Magnetic blocks instructions sausage dog

13. Swan

Those isosceles triangles are perfect for making the wings!

Swan magnetic blocks instructions

14. Rabbit

This simple rabbit model has a cute little bunny tail.

Rabbit made from a magnetic building set

15. Giraffe

Stack those square magnets high to make the neck!

Giraffe magnetic building blocks instructions

16. Cat

This little cat could even be a kitten.

Cat example of magnet block ideas

17. Chicken

Mummy chicken or baby chick? You decide!

Chicken made from building with magnets

18. Mouse 

Just 10 magnetic blocks are needed to make this little mouse.

Mouse example of magnetic blocks designs

19. Turtle 

We loved making one of our favourite marine animals out of blocks!

Turtle made from magnet builders

20. 2D Dog 

Making 2D shapes is a great way to get started with magnet blocks. 

2D Dog made of magnetic squares and triangles

Watch more magnetic block designs videos like this one here.

Vehicle and transport-themed magnet block ideas 

21. Airplane

An easy way to build a fun magnetic blocks plane.

Airplane model for magnet blocks instructions

22. Jet Plane

Do you kids need a challenge? Try this trickier jet plane idea!

Jet plane things to build with magnetic blocks

23. Rocket

Space-loving kids will enjoy creating this quick and easy rocket model.

Rocket magnetic blocks instructions

24. Cement Truck

This magnetic blocks design takes a bit of practice, but the results are awesome.

Cement concrete mixer magnetic tiles

25. Van 

If you only have magnetic squares, this model is perfect for you.

Truck magnet blocks designs idea

26. Mini Racer

One of the strongest and simplest ways to build a working magnetic toy car.

Mini racer racing car made of magnet tiles

27. Hot Air Balloon

It looks gravity-defying – that’s the power of magnets!

Hot air balloon magnetic tiles designs

28. Airship

Another more challenging build for confident kids.

Airship from magnetic triangles and squares

29. Car

Kids can play about with this design and customise it to design their own.

Magnetic tiles car model

30. Digger

Kids who enjoy construction toys will like this magnetic blocks digger.

Magnetic shapes digger model

31. Ship

This colourful ship or boat won’t actually float, but it sure looks cool!

Ship boat from magnet shapes toy

32. Small Rocket

Small rocket magnetic building blocks instructions

Another easy magnetic blocks design for space enthusiasts.

See more magnetic blocks videos like this one here.

Buildings made from magnetic blocks toys

33. House

Your kids’ favourite toy figures can live happily in this magnetic house toy.


Magnetic house toy idea

34. Igloo

Or in colder weather, how about this igloo?

Igloo - building with magnetic blocks

35. Hut

This easy hut design requires only 10 magnetic shapes pieces.

Hut made of kids magnetic blocks

36. Castle

If princes and princesses are more your kids’ thing, how about this magnetic castle?

Magnetic blocks toy castle

37. Tower

A few changes will turn your model rocket into a tower.

Tower from magnetic kids blocks or tiles

38. Mansion

Kids can get creative and come up with endless castle, mansion and house designs.

Mansion magnetic blocks house toy

39. Arch Bridge

The trick with this one is to build it on its side.

Arch bridge building with magnetic tiles

40. Tower Bridge

Another of our favourite designs – so fun and guaranteed to impress!

Tower bridge made with magnetic building set

41. Arch

Add more squares and triangles to see how wide and high you can make your arch.

Arch made from building with magnets

42. Windmill

Adding in 4 isosceles triangle magnetic shapes transforms this tower into a windmill.

Windmill magnetic building blocks instructions

43. Slide

See if your kids can make their own little magnetic playground for their toy figures.

Slide magnetic toy game for kids

Check out more magnetic building ideas videos here.

Building magnetic blocks shapes 

44. Sphere

We recommend building this model in two halves.

Sphere or ball made from magnet blocks

45. 4-Sided Star

Because model stars are not just for Christmas!


Build a star with magnetic building blocks

46. Heart

AKA how to say ‘I love you’ with magnetic blocks!

3D Heart made of magnetic shapes blocks

47. Pyramid

Once your kids have mastered this one, see how big they can make their pyramid by increasing the shapes on each side.

Pyramid 3D model building blocks idea

48. 2D Heart

An easy starter design for younger kids.

2D heart made from magnetic triangles and magnetic squares

49. Hexagon

This 3D hexagon shape probably has an actual name – any mathematicians out there let us know!


Hexagon model building blocks magnets

Watch 50 magnetic blocks videos here.

Other triangle and square magnetic blocks designs

50. Sand Timer

Quick and easy, and a cool way to show off what magnetic blocks can do.

Make sand timer model out of magnetic blocks

51. Ball

A smaller version of the trickier sphere model.

Make magnetic balls out of magnetic tiles

52. Box with Lid

Probably the simplest design in this list – just close the lid to make a cube.


Make a magnetic block toy box

53. Robot

Is this cool robot a hero or a villain? You decide!

DIY Magnetic robot toy for kids

54. Microphone

It won’t record your big performance, but it’s a fun build nevertheless.

Make a microphone using magnet tiles

55. Wheeled Robot

Another family favourite at SUPA STEM HQ. Add in a magnetic block insert and use a dry wipe to give your robot a friendly face!

Magnetic robot with wheels toy for kids

56. Gift Box

Let your kids make gifts out of their gift!

Gift box model building blocks idea

57. Jewel 

No squares needed for this one, just 8 magnetic triangles.

Build a jewel magnetic blocks designs

58. Tree

Make a Christmas decoration with a difference.

How to make a magnetic tiles tree

59. Bowl 

Fill in the squares using magnetic tile inserts (included with some Magnet Builders sets) and you can actually store little trinkets inside!

Bowl magnetic building blocks idea

60. Flower

Make the petals all one colour, or create a rainbow design – it’s up to you.

How to make magnetic tiles designs - flower

61. 2D Robot

2D designs are a great way to get started with magnet blocks designs.

2D Robot model magnet blocks ideas

62. Gift

A simpler version of our bigger gift box idea.

Git box model magnetic tile designs

63. Pinwheel

We love how the colours of our magnetic building blocks really pop in this model idea!

Pinwheel spinning start magnetic blocks ideas

Magnetic blocks instructions 

So there you have it – 63 incredible ways to get creative with your set of magnetic shapes!

Your kids might enjoy the challenge of figuring out how to build these designs just by looking at the models. 

However, if they want a little more help – or you’d just love to see these magnetic creations appear before your very eyes – check out our massive range of magnetic building blocks instructions videos.

Check out a sample below:

We hope your kids enjoy these creative magnetic building block ideas! 

Make sure you check out the full playlist of videos + tons more activity ideas on our YouTube channel.

You can grab your own set of Magnet Builders here.