Marshmallow Construction

There’s something so satisfying about giving a marshmallow a good squish isn’t there? And you get to do plenty of marshmallow-squishing in this low-budget, problem-solving engineering challenge!  

Practise your maths skills by making different 2D or 3D shapes, counting the sides and even (if you have a protractor) measuring the angles. 

Challenge yourself to make a tower, bridge, castle, rocket…anything you can think of! 

Here’s how to get creative building with marshmallows:

You’ll need marshmallows (any size) and connecting sticks (toothpicks for smaller marshmallows, kebab skewers or uncooked spaghetti for larger ones). Be careful – watch out for sharp points on skewers or toothpicks!  

Think carefully about what you want to build. You can use a pencil, paper and ruler to draw out your design. An important part of engineering, technology and construction is to plan carefully, thinking about the materials you are working with and what you want the end product to look like. 

Don’t be disappointed if you make mistakes on the way – if something goes wrong, think about how you might fix it and give it a go! For example, if your structure isn’t sitting the way you want it to, think about what you can do to balance it out. 

Have fun!