55 STEM Home Learning Activities & STEM Challenges for Kids

We love finding new STEM projects for kids and sharing them with our SUPA STEM community. It’s the best feeling when you discover a new activity that is both fun for your kids and easy for you to organise.

So we are excited to share over 50 easy STEM challenges for kids from some of our favourite educators from around the world!

We’ve organised these STEM and STEAM ideas into categories to make it easier for you to take a look through them all.

Check out our full list of 55 easy STEM activities and project ideas! Which one will you try first?

Space-themed activities for exploring STEM at home

These are some of our favourite ideas for STEM activities at home. Our kids love STEM activities that are space-themed, and us adults are pretty keen on them too!

STEM activity ideas for kids at home like moon sand with flour and baby oil
  1. Pipe Cleaner Constellations | 123Homeschool4me
  2. Fizzy Moon Rocks | Little Bins for Little Hands
  3. Bottle Rockets | STEAM Powered Family
  4. Squeezy Rockets | Rainy Day Mum
  5. Straw Rockets | Buggy And Buddy
  6. Flying Saucers | One Time Through
  7. Balloon Rockets | Happy Brown House
  8. Moon Sand

Water-based STEM ideas for kids

It’s always handy to have some STEM at home activities to turn to whether it’s sunny outside or not! These water-based projects and challenges are suitable for a wide age range.

frozen ice activity for kids at home

9. Frozen Sea Rescue

10. Bottle Water Fountain

11. Water Whistles | My Baba

12. Frozen Dino Eggs

13. Glittery Underwater Volcano | Living Well Mom

14. Water Cycle In A Bag | Team Cartwright

15. Travelling Water | Rookie Parenting 

16. Salt Water Density Experiment | Science Kiddo

17. Pencils Through A Bag Magic Trick | Fun With Mama

Sensory at home STEM activities 

If you’re looking for STEM activities for kids at home that will entertain the very youngest members of the family too, many of these sensory play activities will be perfect for you.

STEM home learning activities for kids like fizzy colour science experiments

18. DIY Play Mud

19. Chia Seed Slime

20. Edible Marshmallow Playdough | Team Cartwright 

21. Creation Station Sensory Bin | Busy Toddler

22. Waves In A Bottle | JDaniel4’s Mom

23. Fizzy Ice Cube Experiment | The Play-Based Mom

24. Fizzing Colours | Happy Hooligans

25. Cloud Dough | Messy Little Monsters

26. Magic Milk | Fun Learning For Kids

27. Tornado In A Bottle | Mombrite

Human body STEM science projects 

We have to admit that some of these STEM activities with household items do creep us out just a little bit (that stomach digestion model for a start…) but they are an awesome way to engage kids with the science of the human body.

quick stem activities for learning about the body

28. Pumping Model Heart | Mombrite

29. Stomach Digestion Model | Gift Of Curiosity

30. DIY Model Spine | Team Cartwright

31. Making A Brain Hat | My Joy-Filled Life

32. Beat The Clock | Primary Theme Park

33. Depth Perception Test | Gift Of Curiosity

34. Paper Bag Lungs | Living Life And Learning

35. Homemade ‘Blood’ | Runde’s Room

Fun STEM activities for practising maths

If you’ve got kids in your family who aren’t too keen on maths, try engaging them with one of these maths-based activities that are great at home STEM projects for younger children who are building their confidence with basic maths skills.

math STEM activity ideas for at home

36. Playdough Counting

37. How Many Drops To Fill The Dot | Teach Beside Me

38. Puddle Jumping | Nurture Store

39. Subtraction Squish | There’s Just One Mommy

40. Muffin Tray Counting | Teaching Second Grade

Rainbow-themed STEM experiments for kids

Make your STEM home learning fun and colourful with these engaging rainbow-coloured activities.

easy at home stem activities ideas like baby wipe tie dye craft

 41. Rainbow Candy Challenge | The Inspiration Edit

42. Growing A Rainbow | Mombrite 

43. Baby Wipe Tie Dye

44. Walking Rainbow

45. Spinning Tops | Creative Family Fun 

46. Rainbow Crystal Growing | Rookie Parenting

47. Rainbow Cabbage Experiment | Growing A Jeweled Rose

Engineering STEM activities to do at home

These simple STEM activities can be set up pretty easily and are great for parties too.

stem challenges for middle schoolers and more like this playdough marble maze

48. Shaving Cream Blocks | Busy Toddler

49. Pom Pom Ramps | Busy Toddler 

50. Sink The Egg Challenge | Happy Toddler Playtime

51. Playdough Marble Maze

52. Cardboard Pom Pom Run

53. Popsicle Stick Bridge | Mommy Evolution 

54. DIY Wrecking Ball | Raising Lifelong Learners

55. Balancing Structures | Gift Of Curiosity

Thanks for checking out our list of 55 cool STEM projects. We hope you’ve found it really helpful.

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