Welcome to our resource vault where you can get access our growing list of free downloads including eBooks, coloring pages, activity packs and more. All you need to do is click the download link to access each resource, then you can either print them out or download to your device for digital use!

STEM & STEAM Kids Activity Book

Our popular eBook Fun at Home with SUPA STEM features over 30 pages of fun and educational activities for kids to enjoy at home. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Easy-to-follow instructions for over 20 awesome STEM and STEAM activities for kids to have fun learning at home
  • Kid-friendly explanations of the science behind each activity
  • Questions to get kids thinking and talking about what they’ve learned
  • Colorful illustrations and photos to get kids excited about each activity
21 STEM Activity Ideas eBook

Comic Book Starter Pack & Guide

This 22-page printable pack includes a kid-friendly guide to writing your very own comic book, manga or graphic novel. You’ll also find a super helpful Comic Book Planner inside that kids (and adults!) can use to plan out their comic creations.

  • A run-down of the different types of comics out there
  • The difference between a comic book and a graphic novel
  • How to create your first book in 8 simple steps
  • Which materials to use to create your comic book
  • A detailed step-by-step comic book planner to help you organise your ideas and plan out your story 
Comic Book Printable

Moon Phases Activity Pack

This 8-page printable activity pack is perfect for helping kids to learn about the phases of the moon. Our Moon Phases Activity Pack includes:

  • Fun and colorful front cover
  • 7 pages of activity sheets for kids to work through at their own pace (including kid-friendly diagrams of the phases of the moon, names of the phases, and multiple worksheets to learn and memorise them)
  • A knowledge checklist for kids to assess their progress and celebrate their learning
Moon Phases Printable

Rainbow Coloring Pages Bundle

If you’ve got little ones at home who love to color, this fun and cute rainbow coloring sheets PDF printable pack is sure to be a hit. 

Our Rainbow Coloring Pages bundle includes 12 hand-drawn coloring pages that can be easily printed in black and white and copied for personal use as much as you like. Coloring scenes included are:

  • A rainbow butterfly garden
  • Seaside scene with beach and rainbow over the sea
  • A princess castle with rainbow 
  • A boat on the sea with a large rainbow behind
  • Sky scene with a hot air balloon, birds and a rainbow
  • & many more!
Rainbow Coloring Printable

Maths Bubble Pop Activity Pack

Fidget poppers, pop its, push pop toys…whatever you call them, if your kids love playing with them then this free printable pack is a great way to help them have fun learning numeracy skills.

Our unique Bubble Pop Activity Pack includes 14 pages of maths activities, educational games + more. Inside you’ll find:

  • A range of engaging worksheets to help kids practise numeracy skills with their fidget popper toy 
  • Pop it toy maths challenges
  • Fidget popper coloring activity
  • 14 hilarious educational games your kids can play with their pop-it toy
Bubble Pop Activity Pack

Hand & Feet Printables Pack 

This free 12-page pack contains a range of feet and handprint templates in different sizes. 

Choose the ones that work best for your chosen activity, craft project or lesson task!

This downloadable PDF set of printables is perfect for rainy-day activities, classroom wall displays and more. 

It can also be used as a set of hand and foot coloring pages for kids who love to color, paint or decorate!

Hands & Feet Printable

Crystal Coloring Pages Bundle 

In this 17-page printable coloring sheets pack you’ll find 15 different pages of crystal, jewel and diamond-themed coloring pages for kids. 

The PDF includes a front and back cover so you can print as a mini coloring book or simply print out individual pages whenever you like. 

Each page can be used as a stand-alone coloring activity, craft project, classroom display and more.

Crystal Coloring Pages Printable

Water Cycle Learning Activity Pack

This freebie is a 10-page downloadable and printable pack to help kids explore and learn about the water cycle. 

It can be used for learning at home or in a school setting. 

There are 8 individual pages of learning activities, including:

  • An easy-to-understand diagram of the water cycle in action
  • A gap-fill activity where kids can learn the names of each part of the cycle 
  • A trace, copy and cover spelling practice activity with the main water cycle keywords
  • A knowledge checklist that kids can use to assess their learning and celebrate their hard work 
  • & much more!
Water Cycle Activity Printable

Leaf Template Printable Pack

This handy 27-page PDF leaf templates pack includes 25 pages of leaf outlines for you to print and cut out. 

Each template can be printed individually and copied for personal use as much as needed. Alternatively, you can also print the whole pack in one go – with its cute and colorful front and back cover, it makes a fun and simple leaf-themed coloring book! 

Leaf templates include:

  • Monstera, rainforest and jungle leaves in varying sizes
  • Fall/autumn-themed leaves including maple and oak
  • A variety of other classic leaf shapes
Leaf Template Printable Pack

Circles Coloring Page 

This free template contains 25 pages of circles activity sheets that you can use to teach your child about shape, sizes, colors, and creative thinking.

The template includes a variety of circle designs and sizes that your child can use to create their own designs, patterns, and decorations.

Get started today and see what you can create!

Super Circles 25 Page Activity Printable

Sunflower Activity Pack

Brighten up the day with this sunflower template printable! This free 16-page printable pack can be used to make sunflower-themed arts, crafts, and decorations.

What’s included in the printable pack?

  • Sunflower drawings in different sizes
  • Illustration of the different parts of a sunflower
  • Colored illustrations of a sunflower
  • Sunflower stencils
  • & much more!
Sunflower Activity Printable Vault Image