Free label the water cycle activity pack for kids

How much do your kids know about the water cycle? This fascinating process describes how water travels around the Earth, changing states as it goes.

The water cycle is important for our planet, and it’s something we should all learn more about!

That’s why we’ve created this fun worksheet pack.

This PDF download includes a variety of different activity sheets that will teach children everything they need to know about this important topic. Download it for free today!

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printable water cycle worksheets pdf

Who are these water cycle printable worksheets designed for?

The water cycle is a fascinating topic that introduces a lot of key scientific concepts to kids.

This includes terms like surface runoff, water vapor, ground water, condensation, evaporation, precipitation, transpiration, infiltration, percolation, accumulation and more.

If you want to help your kids build their confidence in understanding the water cycle, be sure to grab this free download.

This set of resources is perfect for learning at home, a class assignment or project, an interactive lesson activity and more.

What is this water cycle diagram pack about?

This set of printable worksheets introduces the main concepts of the hydrologic cycle to kids.

The pack is structured in a way that allows kids to first be introduced to the key elements of the water cycle, before getting the opportunity to learn, practise and test their knowledge.

Children will learn how water drops in the form of water vapor evaporate from lakes, rivers, oceans and other water sources before forming clouds high up in the atmosphere.

Water then falls from these clouds as rain, hail, sleet or snow and ends up back on land. Water flows back to the sea or ocean. This cycle repeats itself and is known as the water cycle.

water cycle colouring download for kids

What’s inside this label the water cycle worksheet PDF?

This 10-page water cycle worksheets kit includes 8 pages of free printables for kids.

Read on to find out exactly what’s inside!

  • A simple water cycle diagram that introduces the key vocabulary of condensation, precipitation, collection and evaporation, and shows the process of the water cycle in stages.

    This image includes mountains, trees and plants. It shows how water is warmed by the sun and rises as a gas to form a cloud high up in the air.

    The illustration also demonstrates how this water falls back to the earth, is absorbed into the ground or makes its way back to a water source to complete the process.
  • A fill in the blanks water cycle diagram which kids can use to write out the name of each stage in its correct place within the cycle.
  • A fun cut-out-and-stick water cycle activity that provides an engaging way to explore this subject. Kids cut out key terms from a word bank as well as arrows, and glue them onto a blank diagram to complete it and create their own water cycle illustration.
  • A handy description sheet which contains helpful, easy-to-understand definitions of the main ideas and terms that make up the water cycle. This contains simple sentences suitable for younger as well as older children.
  • A match-up water cycle worksheet where kids need to link images of the stages to the correct terms.
  • A water cycle word bank with spelling practice. Students can trace, copy and cover the key vocabulary to reinforce and support spelling of these tricky terms.
  • A knowledge checklist to help kids evaluate and celebrate their learning progress. They can tick off each ‘I can’ statement once they are confident they have achieved that learning step.

The entire PDF download can also be used as a set of water cycle colouring pages, and the illustrations would make a great classroom or bedroom display once coloured in!

How to use these water cycle worksheets

This collection of worksheets, diagrams and other printables can be used to introduce and reinforce teaching of the water cycle.

It can support lesson plans in a geography or science classroom for students in almost any grade / year, as well as at home for home learning or even a rainy day activity.

Whether you’re a kindergarten teacher, home schooling parent or a student wanting to explore this fun topic for yourself, this great free download has something for you.

You can also use the simple and large diagrams included as flash cards to help explain how the water cycle works.

simple water cycle drawing worksheets

How to download these water cycle drawing printables

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Each page can be printed individually. If you prefer, you can also choose to print the whole set in one go, including the fun full-colour front and back covers.

Have fun!